Top Benefits Of The Ductless Air Conditioner

This article will address four major topics:

1 What exactly is the ductless air conditioner?

2 How does the ductless AC work?

3 Where ductless AC units (or split ac) can be used

4 Analyzing the cost-effectiveness of the ductless AC versus a traditional ducted AC system.

Now, let us begin by looking at the ductless air conditioner and how it operates. The compressor is separated from the cooling coil in the ductless air conditioner. The cooling coil is that part of the air conditioner that targets the area that needs to be cooled. It is usually placed inside the home.

On the other hand, the compressor is the noisy part of the air conditioner. It is usually placed outside the home, which means that all the noise occurs outside the home. In effect, the ductless air conditioner works quietly and efficiently.

Another characteristic of the ductless air conditioning system is that you can practically place it anywhere. You don’t need ductwork for this cooling system. You don’t need window installation, wall installation, or any other inconvenient construction work.

Speaking from the perspective of an experienced dealer and installer, I can tell you this. I have sold many units of traditional cooling and heating equipment, so I know all the challenges involved in trying to upgrade a forced air system in any home. In many instances, it is the old air conditioner that causes the problem. We will not discuss all the technicalities in this article for obvious reasons. However, the basics are quite easy to understand, so we will stick to them. Cold air does not usually want to go up, and this is one reason the basements are always cooler than other parts of the home. In addition, cold air is heavy and difficult to move. On the other hand, hot air usually wants to go upstairs, even in the hot summer months.

Now, think about this for a minute. You have an old vintage home that was built a long time ago when air conditioners did not even exist. This means that the home in question will have obvious shortcomings in both vents and ducts. There are even homes in very cold areas that have no ducts at all. It means we are faced with a scenario where we have to consider outright replacement of outdated make-shift cooling systems or go for the noisy window air conditioning system.

A ductless AC system is a great way to go.
Now, let us talk money so that we understand exactly what is involved here. Maybe you want to cool your attic, or you are carrying out a bit of renovation on your home. Maybe you just want to make some rooms in the home more comfortable. The truth is that whether you have ductwork or not, this modification may cost you over $10,000.00. Now, this is clearly an inconvenience, especially for a small home. Even if you can afford to spend the money, this does not make economic sense, and so we don’t recommend it.

So, we have to look for a viable alternative. Your best bet is a ductless air conditioner because of the following reasons. It is less invasive, and it is relatively cheap. In addition, it does not require too much labor or inconvenient construction around the home. All you need is a bit of space inside the house. The right dimensions are just fifteen inches high and three to four feet wide for the cooling coil. You can place this coil close to the ceiling if it is convenient for you. You can even go for ceiling-mounted cooling coils if you can find this option.

For the installation, you just need electricity and the hardware that you have to mount inside the home. In some cases, you can run the condensation tube and electrical wiring outside the house. However, most experts recommend that it is better you have these things inside the house. If you are in need of air conditioning, Riverside has many great contractors and installers.

When it comes to the costs, these units are quite cheap. You can easily buy a one-ton unit for about $1,000.00. If you have the skill, you can even install it yourself and save yourself some cash. In case you are not able to install the air conditioner yourself, you can hire an expert to do this for you. It is worth the money to have a qualified and experienced technician install the air conditioning system for you.

For the larger units of 3.5 tons and above, you definitely need an expert for installation. There is no point in spending good money on a top-of-the-line cooling system without making a budget for the proper installation of the air conditioning system.

Now that you have read this article, you can easily reach the right conclusion. The ductless air conditioning unit has a number of advantages over the noisy window air conditioning units. The ductless system is quiet, efficient, and cheap. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. If you have not made the switch to the ductless system, you should do so now.